Intelligent Energy and Suzuki Establish Japanese Fuel Cell Production Line

20 Feb 2013


On its first anniversary, SMILE FC – the joint venture between Intelligent Energy and Suzuki Motor Corporation – has successfully established a ready-to-scale production plant for its fuel cell systems in Yokohama, Japan.

The manufacturing centre will be scaled up to supply fuel cell stacks for integration with Suzuki vehicles. The production line will build upon Intelligent Energy’s semi-automated fuel cell production technology. Higher volumes of manufacturing facilitate reductions in production costs as well as enhanced product quality.

SMILE FC has access to Intelligent Energy’s fuel cell technology under a non-exclusive license, and aims to accelerate the commercialisation of Suzuki’s fuel cell vehicles, particularly scooters.


Reference: Business Wire

Further reading: Intelligent Energy and Suzuki Motor Corporation Establish Joint Venture Company to Develop and Manufacture Fuel Cell Systems

Top image: Hidezumi Kato (General Manager), Phil Caldwell (Board Member and Director of Corporate Development at Intelligent Energy), Osamu Honda (President and Representative Director and Vice President and Representative Director of Suzuki Motor Corporation), Masataka Yamakawa (Vice President and Representative Director, and Representative Director of IE Japan Ltd), Ichizo Aoyama (Board Member and Managing Director of Suzuki Motor Corporation), Kunio Nakamura – (Auditor). (Photo: Business Wire)

Bottom image: SMILE FC ready-to-scale fuel cells production plant in Yokohama, Japan. (Photo: Business Wire)


Industry Directory: Intelligent Energy


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