FuelCell Energy Announces Tri-Generation Fuel Cell Installation at a Vancouver Landfill

28 Feb 2013

FuelCell Energy Power PlantFuelCell Energy, Inc. has announced a contract to demonstrate a tri-generation stationary fuel cell power plant near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, using landfill gas as the fuel source. The landfill gas clean-up will be performed by Quadrogen Power Systems, Inc., the prime contractor, and the cleaned landfill gas will be used by the fuel cell power plant to generate multiple revenue streams, including ultra-clean electricity, usable high quality heat and renewable hydrogen.

The heat in the form of hot water will be supplied to Village Farms, a leading hydroponic greenhouse operator in North America. Renewable hydrogen will also be exported for vehicle fuelling or industrial applications. The project will include FuelCell Energy's solid-state electrochemical hydrogen separation and compression (EHSC) technology application, which efficiently and cost effectively purifies and compresses hydrogen for industrial uses or vehicle fueling.

The landfill for the City of Vancouver, Canada has an advanced gas collection system. Some of the gas is flared, wasting a potential fuel source and generating pollutants such as smog producing nitrogen oxide (NOx). Using the landfill gas to generate ultra-clean power converts a waste disposal problem into an environmentally friendly source of revenue. Power production is expected to commence in early 2014. A successful project demonstration could potentially lead to additional projects at this landfill as well as other landfills.

"This project provides our first opportunity to demonstrate the application of our Direct FuelCell technology with renewable landfill gas, in addition to advancing our hydrogen co-production technology," said Tony Leo, Vice President Application Engineering & Advanced Technology Development, FuelCell Energy, Inc.  "Landfill gas is a large potential market, which presents unique gas cleanup requirements. Our partner in this project, Quadrogen Power Systems, has developed an effective cleanup technology, as demonstrated by the high performance of their equipment at an existing hydrogen co-production fuel cell installation in California that is providing ultra-clean electricity and hydrogen for vehicle fuelling from renewable biogas generated by a wastewater treatment plant."  

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is investing in this project by providing a repayable contribution through the Government of Canada's Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program, which aims to help the Canadian agricultural sector adapt and remain competitive. In British Columbia, this program is delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation.

Other project partners include Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), National Research Council of Canada (NRC), and BC Bioenergy Network.

Village Farms International, Inc. (TSE:VFF) grows and markets greenhouse-grown vegetables in North America. With more than 200 acres of greenhouses, Village Farms is a leader in the hydroponic greenhouse industry. 

Quadrogen Power Systems, Inc. builds and installs high performance biogas clean-up solutions capable of purifying renewable fuels from any source. The clean-up technologies are modular and scalable to cost effectively purify landfill gas, digester gas, or syngas. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada. More information is available at www.quadrogen.com

Source: taken from FuelCell Energy news release


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