Forze VI Hydrogen Racecar: 135 mph Top Speed; 0–60 in Under Four Seconds

26 Feb 2013

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The Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology has revealed the details of the sixth generation of its hydrogen fuel cell racecar, the Forze. The car is noticeably smaller than last year’s Forze V and is now about the size of an average streetcar; furthermore, the latest generation is six times more powerful than its predecessor. The car features: a peak power of 190 kW (260 hp), acceleration of 0–60 mph in less than four seconds, and two electric motors powering each of the rear wheels. The car includes a number of innovative technological solutions, including the use of water produced from the fuel cell system as a brake coolant.

The car will race in the Caterham Cup this summer, a race league based on Lotus 7 type cars. Ten races are planned across the Benelux region and there will be up to thirty competitors at each. Fuel cell racecars are a good way to demonstrate the viability of automotive fuel cells to the public; another fuel cell racecar, the GreenGT H2, will compete in the Le Mans endurance race on the 21st September this year.


Reference: Delft University of Technology (emailed press release)

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Industry Directory: Delft University of Technology


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