ClearEdge Power Completes Acquisition of UTC Power

13 Feb 2013

UTC Power fuel cell

ClearEdge Power has completed its acquisition of UTC Power, which was divested by former parent company United Technologies Corporation on the 22nd December 2012 as it focuses on its core competencies of aerospace and building systems. ClearEdge Power recognised synergies between its products and UTC Power’s and has acquired the company to expand its position in the stationary fuel cell marketplace with a broad technology portfolio. UTC Power is a much larger organisation than ClearEdge Power and brings many years of expertise in both fuel cell technology and fuel cell sales to the ClearEdge brand.

ClearEdge Power is keen to emphasise that customers will be the key priority, and all existing service contracts will continue post-acquisition. The immediate focus of the expanded company will be to accelerate sales growth and technology development activities.

The company has bought the entirety of UTC Power, including its facilities and staff, who are now ClearEdge employees. There will be no immediate redundancies, though staffing will be based on what is needed to deliver ClearEdge’s long-term strategies and to meet customer requirements.


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