AFC Energy Ships Fuel Cell System to ICL

26 Feb 2013


AFC Energy has announced the delivery of a Beta alkaline fuel cell system to Industrial Chemicals Limited (ICL) in the UK. This shipment is in advance of a 1 MW order placed in 2012, and the Beta fuel cell will be used to qualify the hydrogen supply and site infrastructure at the ICL plant.

The fuel cell will operate using by-product hydrogen at ICL’s chlor-alkali plant in Essex, UK. Funded by a European Union grant of €6.1 million ($8.1 million), the 1 MW project is scheduled to commence from April 2013, and operating at full capacity will reduce ICL’s grid electricity requirements by up to 20%.

AFC Energy will operate its first ESCO (Energy Supply Company) arrangement with this project, providing electrical power to ICL. AFC Energy will own and operate the fuel cell systems with ICL providing its hydrogen supply and purchasing power from AFC Energy under long-term contracts.

AFC Energy’s CEO, Ian Williamson, commented: "Our project with ICL is a flagship venture for us and the UK and we are pulling out all the stops to get it underway ahead of schedule. Although the EU grant funding will not commence until April, we decided to press ahead with the first Beta system to demonstrate to the world our serious intent and ability to generate low-cost electricity using purpose-designed industrial fuel cells.

With the progress we have already made with our first manufacturing facility, which opened in September 2012, and the inroads being made to extend electrode life beyond the six month milestone as announced last month, this achievement gives us confidence to begin to implement plans for opening international markets."


Source: AFC Energy

Industry Directory: AFC Energy


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