AC Transit Wins California's Highest Environmental Award for Fuel Cell Buses and Solar Initiatives

19 Feb 2013


California's AC Transit has even awarded the Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) – the highest environmental honour in the state. AC Transit was honoured as one of seventeen organisations to have adopted clean air business principles, and policies that conserve energy, reduce costs, and help to improve the environmental health of their surrounding neighbourhoods.

AC Transit was specifically honoured for building the most comprehensive hydrogen fuel cell demonstration programme in the country – to date the fleet of buses have displaced more than 68,000 gallons of diesel fuel. The agency is also installing a 400 kW solid oxide fuel cell system at its largest operating division and has installed more than 1.1 MW of solar power on the roofs of its buildings; it will be adding a further 300 kW of solar this year.

“Projects like these take a lot of courage and intensity to do, and we are really glad the Governor chose to recognize us,” said AC Transit Board President Greg Harper. “We are very proud of what we are doing to enhance the air quality of our local communities while significantly reducing greenhouse gases, and for being able to contribute to the development of these cutting-edge technologies.”


Reference: AC Transit

Industry Directory: AC Transit


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