Foster Wheeler Completes Successful KORE Review for AFC Energy

12 Dec 2013


AFC Energy, the industrial fuel cell power company, is pleased to announce that Foster Wheeler, the global engineering company, has completed its initial review of AFC Energy’s first commercial fuel cell platform, KORE, building on the work started in April 2013.

KORE will be the first commercial-grade 250 kW fuel cell module developed by AFC Energy to generate electricity from surplus hydrogen at stationary industrial locations including chemicals and waste-to-energy plants.

As part of the partnership, Foster Wheeler has facilitated the Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) for the KORE system. Successful completion of this review enables AFC Energy to proceed with the detailed design, construction and delivery of the first KORE module that will act as the initial platform for the fuel cell installations, including the €6.1 million EU-backed Power Up project in Stade, northern Germany where AFC is partnered with Air Products.

AFC Energy expects to continue to build its relationship with Foster Wheeler concentrating on balance of plant areas that support the fuel cell operation and in developing an innovative module fabrication and delivery capability.

The HAZOP study technique defines the method for evaluating the safety and operability of plants and facilities in a systematic way. In the study normal operation systems are reviewed to assess whether deviations from the design intention could occur and, if so, whether such deviations are likely to be hazardous. HAZOP studies have become a normal part of the design review process with plants that are reviewed using the HAZOP methodology shown to be safer, have smoother start ups and are more reliable during operation.

Ian Williamson, Chief Executive of AFC Energy, said: “We are pleased with the positive progress to date and look forward to our continued work with Foster Wheeler. As we prepare to deploy our systems in commercial settings, it is essential that we have objective experts on hand to ‘put our plans through their paces’ and to help us ensure that we are delivering a robust product. We are delighted that Foster Wheeler is working with AFC Energy to help us commercialise our fuel cells as part of the renewable energy mix, to generate clean power.”

Filippo Abbà, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Foster Wheeler Energy Limited, commented: “We have been supporting AFC Energy with the development and commercial roll-out of its fuel cell systems for industrial applications. Our relationship leverages AFC Energy’s unique fuel cell technology with our proven technical expertise and project delivery capabilities in power generation and hydrogen production and we look forward to continuing our work with AFC Energy.”


Source: AFC Energy


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