Element 1 Corp Receives CE Marking Certification for H- and S-series Hydrogen Generators

06 Dec 2013

Element 1Element 1 Corp. (dba e1), a manufacturer of hydrogen generators for PEM fuel cells and other industrial applications, today announced approval of the application for Conformité Européenne (CE) Declaration of Conformity for the e1 H-series and S-series hydrogen generator.

Though e1 hydrogen generators are already providing reliable, pure hydrogen in installations around the world, the CE mark of approval will further strengthen the value of the H- and S-series, especially in the European Economic Area (EEA) market.

Dave Edlund, CEO of e1, responded to the certification announcement: "I’m glad to see the trust our global customers place in our product reflected in the success of our CE marking application. This certification will greatly broaden the scope of applications for our workhorse H-series as well as our compact S-series."

The CE marking allows e1 H- and S-series hydrogen generators to be sold in the EEA and certifies the e1 product satisfies all applicable EU regulatory and conformity assessment procedures related to design, manufacture, and testing of the hydrogen generator system.


Source: Element 1.


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