Dr Andreas Truckenbrodt Joins PowerDisc Board as New Chairman

17 Dec 2013

Andreas Truckenbrodt

PowerDisc Development Corporation, a Vancouver-based fuel cell company, has announced that Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt has been appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors. He replaces John Morgan who has led the Board since 2010 and will remain as a Director.

"I am honoured and proud to welcome such a distinguished professional as Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt to Chair the PowerDisc Board," said David Leger, President and Chief Executive Officer and founder of PowerDisc. "Dr. Truckenbrodt is an accomplished executive and strategic decision maker, and he brings an extensive understanding of the fuel cell, energy and automotive industries that will help lead us into the future. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank John Morgan for his significant contribution to the advancement of the company as Chairman of the Board for the last three years."

Dr. Truckenbrodt joins the PowerDisc Board of Directors as Chairman after more than 12 years of experience in the fuel cell industry and over 25 years in the automotive sector. Dr. Truckenbrodt is currently Chief Executive and Chief Technical Officer for the Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation (AFCC), a joint-venture of Daimler AG and Ford Motor Company. Previously, Dr. Truckenbrodt was responsible for the DaimlerChrysler Hybrid Development Center following a number of high level executive positions within DaimlerChrysler including the head of the company's Fuel Cell and Alternative Powertrain Vehicles. Dr. Truckenbrodt has also worked with Ballard Power Systems, Daewoo and BMW.

Dr. Truckenbrodt has been instrumental in collaborating with organisations around the world to promote the commercialisation of fuel cell vehicles and help improve the environment, including eight years as a member of the Steering Committee (and past-Chairman) of the California Fuel Cell Partnership, a collaboration of auto manufacturers, energy providers, government agencies and fuel cell technology companies.

As Chairman of the Board for PowerDisc, Dr. Truckenbrodt will oversee the strategic direction of PowerDisc and work closely with company management as it seeks to build its position as a leading clean energy provider specialising in fuel cell and hydrogen products.

"I am delighted to be joining the PowerDisc team," said Dr. Truckenbrodt. "The fuel cell market is undergoing rapid growth, fuelled by increased demand for clean energy solutions. The outlook for PowerDisc products is very promising, in particular because of their durability, performance, and cost benefits. This allows PowerDisc to compete with internal combustion engine solutions, which is needed for ongoing commercial success. When it comes to levelised cost of energy, we've got a strong business case. I look forward to joining such a professional team and contributing to the advancement and long-term sustainability of the organisation."

Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt joins existing PowerDisc Board members David Leger, Ron Sturm, Lee Rogers, Ian Robertson, and John Morgan.


Source: Powerdisc


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