California State Government Publishes ZEV Guidebook

02 Dec 2013

ZEV California

The California State government has made it a priority to help its communities to become “ZEV ready.” When purchasing or leasing a ZEV, drivers think about refuelling, parking and garaging the vehicle in addition to the more-typical considerations. Recognising the challenge, Governor Brown issued an Executive Order that calls for California’s major metropolitan areas to complete infrastructure plans, improve permitting and complete other actions to accommodate ZEVs by 2015. The new ZEV Guidebook is a resource for cities and counties where hydrogen stations and electric chargers are being installed.

The guidebook highlights many aspects of ZEV readiness, including necessary infrastructure, planning and zoning, permitting guidelines, greening local fleets and encouraging consumers through incentives and outreach. Although much of the book focuses on charging, staff from the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) were instrumental in putting together the hydrogen section with background information, recommended actions for local communities, and practical tools and templates. Download the Guidebook here.


Source: CaFCP


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