ReliOn Receives AT&T 2012 Supplier Diversity Crystal Award

30 Aug 2013


ReliOn has been selected as one of the recipients of the AT&T 2012 Supplier Diversity Crystal Award. The award is presented to a select group of AT&T’s suppliers who attained or exceeded 21.5 percent diversity utilisation in 2012. Notably, the award recognises ReliOn’s performance which contributed to AT&T exceeding its diversity spend target for its Prime Supplier program.

Joe Blanchard, ReliOn’s Chief Operating Officer, commented. “We are honoured to be a recipient of AT&T’s 2012 Supplier Diversity Crystal Award, ReliOn strives to include diversity within the family of suppliers we use in the manufacturing and deployment of our hydrogen fuel cell product suite. By working together with our local, national and international supply chain partners, we are able to produce the highly reliable, robust and clean products which provide critical backup and grid supplement power to our global customer base.”

AT&T’s Prime Supplier Program requires suppliers to meet diversity goals. Since 1989, the Prime Supplier Program has been instrumental in helping its suppliers increase the utilisation of minority, women and disabled-veteran owned businesses in their supply chains.


Source: ReliOn

Industry Directory: ReliOn


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