Parker Installs First Propane-Fuelled SOFC System

01 Aug 2013


Parker Hannifin Corp. has announced the first installation of its propane-fuelled SOFC CHP system in a 36-foot sailboat; the fuel cell provides electricity, hot water on demand and optional heating.

The fuel cell was co-developed with New York based Watt Fuel Cell Corp. and this installation will help the companies refine the unit ahead of a commercial launch planned for 2014. The unit is not restricted to marine applications, but would also be suitable for recreational vehicles, trailers and road haulage. The fuel cell is hybridised to a battery and can power lighting, appliances, navigation and entertainment equipment while at the same time providing instant hot water.

Steve Knight, Energy Systems Business Unit Manager for Parker Hannifin said: “Society’s dependence on power continues to increase, creating a growing expectation that all the comforts and amenities of the home are also available in remote settings. Unlike generators, SOFC technology allows users to power up ‘off grid’ silently and without vibration or fear of harmful emissions.”

Dr. Caine Finnerty, President and CEO of WATT Fuel Cell Corp. added “We’re exceedingly pleased with the results of integrating our fuel cell and related technologies into the Parker CHP system, Parker’s expertise in controls, fluid management and product development coupled with Watt’s SOFC and balance-of-plant technology sets the stage for the commercial success of this system.”


Source: E-mailed press release.


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