Oorja Protonics Executes a $4.2 Million Contract with Genersys Energia Solar Sabre to Market and Distribute Methanol Fuel Cells in the Latin American Telecom Market

14 Aug 2013

Oorja Protonics

Oorja Protonics (Oorja) has announced it has executed a 3-year re-seller agreement with Genersys Energia Solar Sabre (Genersys ESS) for the marketing, sales and distribution of Oorja’s Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC) in the Latin American telecom market. The agreement includes committed revenue of $4.2 Million (£2.7 million) for the sale of the OorjaPac family of products through Genersys ESS to various leading telecom carriers in Latin America. The objective of the agreement is to have Genersys ESS integrate Oorja’s DMFC technology and conduct various levels of demonstration and evaluation of the system.

Genersys ESS is strategically committed to the telecommunications and the back-up power systems domain and works with an extensive technology portfolio of products for its target market. The company has an established track record with leading telecom carriers in installing and managing large turnkey managed services within the telecommunication domain.

The OorjaPac family of fuel cell products operates on widely available and low‐cost liquid alcohol fuel providing the benefit of minimal infrastructure requirement thus making the fuel cells attractive for both existing and new facilities with a very attractive payback.

Dr. Sanjiv Malhotra, CEO and President of Oorja Protonics commented, "Oorja’s alliance with ESS is an additional evidence of our global growth. This exciting relationship pioneers the introduction of Oorja’s fuel cells in the Latin American Telecom Infrastructure market."

Mr. Saul Breton, Director General at Genersys ESS commented, "We look forward to introducing the Oorja DMFC in the Latin America telecom tower market and look forward to adding value with our in-depth technical knowledge and experience with integration with and marketing and sales of various types of energy generation/storage systems."


Source: Oorja Protonics

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