Neah Power Systems to Sell PowerPlay Portable Fuel Cell to Consumers by October

22 Aug 2013

Neah Power Systems PowerPlay

Following the successful testing of its PowerPlay portable electronics recharging fuel cell solution at a Fortune 110 company, Neah Power Systems has announced that it plans to sell the system directly to consumers through an online portal, which will open on 30th September 2013.

Dr. Chris D'Couto, President of Neah Power Systems said, "Our shipment to the Fortune 110 Company was a milestone event that enables the direct to consumer launch of PowerPlay. We anticipate customers valuing the off-the-grid functionality it provides, and we look forward to further iterations of the product for other consumer electronics."

For more on the technology, please see our previous article ‘Neah Power Systems Introduces Fuel Cell Recharging Solution for Consumer Electronics’.

See Chris D’Couto discuss Neah’s latest developments below:


Reference: Neah Power Systems (emailed press release)

Industry Directory: Neah Power Systems


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