Elcore to Install 135 micro-CHP Fuel Cells in Europe under ene.field Project

02 Aug 2013

Elcore 2400Elcore is to install 135 of its Elcore 2400 fuel cell micro-CHP systems in Europe as part of the ene.field project, with the first installations expected in Germany by the end of the month. The ene.field project will see up to 1,000 residential micro-CHP fuel cell systems from nine manufacturers installed across twelve EU Member States. The project also involves more than 30 utilities, research institutes, building construction companies and municipalities, all seeking field data on the environmental and efficiency benefits fuel cell CHP can bring. Further, the project will also provide recommendations on appropriate policy mechanism to aid the commercialisation of the technology across Europe.

The Elcore 2400 is a small, wall-mounted 300 We/600 Wth system designed to cater solely to the base load of an average German home without attempting to meet the occasional peaks in demand or export to the grid. The heating capacity is enough to meet year-round requirements for hot water with some excess for space heating; for the existing boiler is kept to meet additional demand. Elcore claims that by adding to existing equipment rather than replacing it, it is removing the risk of purchase whilst still offering significant cost savings.

For more on the ene.field project please see our recent Analyst View ‘ene.field Gears up for Deployment’.


Reference: Elcore (emailed press release)


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