Clean Energy Partnership Fleet Completes 2 Million Kilometers

07 Aug 2013

CEP Hyundai ix35

The Clean Energy Partnership's (CEP) fleet of vehicles has covered two million kilometres (1.24 million miles) since 2005 - and without major incident. The cars are reliable and fun to drive, report the numerous customers who are testing the fuel cell vehicles. The nearly 100 fuel cell cars that are currently on the road as part of the project include Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell, Ford Focus Fuel Cell, Honda FCX Clarity, Toyota FCHV-adv, VW Tiguan HyMotion and Audi Q5 HFC vehicles. In July 2013, two Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell cars were added to the CEP vehicle fleet. The vehicles will be on show at CEP events – for example, at the German Government's Open Days on 24th and 25th August in Berlin.


Source: CEP

Industry Directory: Clean Energy Partnership


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