ALMUS AG Launches SOFC Demonstration Kit

29 Aug 2013

Almus setup

Swiss start-up company ALMUS AG has launched a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) demonstration kit for use by academic institutions and fuel cell system developers. The kit comes in a smart trolley case with segmented compartments for safe storage of all components and can be operated on either hydrogen or reformates.

The case contains all the items needed to demonstrate the essential features of an SOFC such as: start-up heating, dependence of power output on temperature, system response to changes of air and fuel flow rates. The SOFC setup can also be used for a wide range of qualitative experimental investigations.

Almus case

It takes less than three minutes to connect the air pump, the metal hydride tank to the fuel cell module, the electrical components and to start the temperature controller. The electrically heated SOFC module will reach operating conditions of 600°C in about 20 minutes and deliver about 10 W at 12 VDC with hydrogen and ambient air. The output increases with temperature. The thermally insulated casing is designed for table top demonstrations, but better thermal shields are needed for longer experiments.

The standard SOFC module is equipped with a stack of 16 anode-supported cells of 60 x 60 mm2 footprint. The temperature is monitored at the geometric centre of the stack. The control box is equipped with a digital temperature controller, a DC voltmeter, switches, control lamps and receptacles for the two K-type thermocouples. Line power (220 or 110 VAC) is used for rapid start-up heating.

The UBOCELL SOFC module of the demonstration kit is also available for laboratory experiments. As many as 48 cells can be stacked for generation of up to 200 Watts of DC power.

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