HyGear's Hydrogen Fuels Netherlands’ First Commercial Fuel Cell Vehicle

17 Apr 2013

HyGear Refuelling Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell Car

Hyundai has introduced the first commercially available fuel cell car in The Netherlands. The launch event of the ix35 Fuel Cell SUV took place in Arnhem, close to the location of the first public hydrogen refuelling station in The Netherlands.

HyGear was asked to generate the hydrogen and fuel the vehicles with hydrogen for this event.

During the introduction of the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, the invitees of the event had the chance to experience the feeling of driving a hydrogen-fuelled car and fuelling the car with hydrogen. All responses were very positive. Unlike a normal car, the fuel cell car is silent and has high torque. The launch of Hyundai's fuel cell car is an important milestone in its strategy: the company aims to become market leader in the segment in 2020.

In the Netherlands, State Secretary for Infrastructure and Environment Wilma Mansveld has announced that more hydrogen refuelling stations will be built. The current public station in Arnhem will be increased in size, the private station in Amsterdam will be improved and become public and new stations are projected in Rotterdam and Helmond.

Source: HyGear press release


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