FuelCell Energy to Install 1.4 MW Fuel Cell Power Plant at a Connecticut Hospital

17 Apr 2013

Hartford Hospital

FuelCell Energy is to install a 1.4 MW molten carbonate fuel cell power plant at Hartford Hospital in its home state of Connecticut. The plant will be owned and operated by utility Hartford Steam Company, with the electricity and steam then sold to the 867-bed teaching and tertiary care hospital, with any excess steam sent to a district heating system serving the Hartford Learning Corridor Corporation network of local schools.

According to FuelCell Energy, over one year of power production, the fuel cell power plant is expected to prevent the emission of more than 57,000 pounds of nitrogen oxide (NOx), a pollutant that causes smog, as well as preventing the emission of more than 128,000 pounds of sulfur dioxide (SOx) and more than 3,000 pounds of particulate matter (PM) compared to conventional combustion-based power generation. The high efficiency of the fuel cell power generation process significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to combustion-based power generation and the combined heat and power (CHP) configuration further drives efficiency. The power plant is expected to prevent the emission of more than 6,700 tons of CO2 over the course of one year when compared to conventional combustion-based power generation, which is equivalent to removing more than 1,200 cars from the road.

The 1.4 megawatt DFC1500® fuel cell power plant will be located immediately adjacent to the hospital, occupying about 2,250 square feet.


Reference: FuelCell Energy

Image source: Hartford Hospital

Industry Directory: FuelCell Energy


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