Connecticut Transit to Receive First Commercially Procured Fuel Cell Bus

15 Apr 2013

Connecticut Transit to Receive First Commercially Procured Fuel Cell Bus

The Atlanta, Georgia-based Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) has finalised a contract with Connecticut Transit (CTTRANSIT) to deliver a hydrogen fuel cell 40ft heavy-duty transit bus in partnership with ElDorado National, BAE Systems, and Ballard Power Systems.

The fuel cell bus and extended operations support were procured under a standard RFP process using transit industry defined specifications and terms that drive contractor accountability – a significant step towards commercialisation for the fuel cell bus industry. Typically fuel cell buses in the USA have been procured and built under various federally funded research programs, most notably the Federal Transit Administration’s National Fuel Cell Bus Program (NFCBP).

The fuel cell bus, based on the SunLine American Fuel Cell bus configuration, uses an ElDorado National heavy-duty urban transit bus glider with a Ballard FCvelocity®-HD6 fuel cell power module and BAE Systems’ HybriDrive® propulsion system. BAE Systems will be responsible for systems integration.  The bus has proven to be very reliable in its demonstration at SunLine. The CTE Team expects to deliver the CTTRANSIT bus in 2014. 

CTE will provide project management and administration, in addition to compiling and delivering the necessary manuals, coordinating training and training material, and serving as CTTRANSIT’s primary point of contact for technical support.

Source: CTE news release

Image shows mock-up of the planned bus (CTE)


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