CFCL Sells 60 Integrated Micro-CHP Fuel Cell Systems to EWE

17 Apr 2013

CFCL fuel cell stack production

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (CFCL) has received a binding order for 60 integrated micro-combined heat and power (micro-CHP) fuel cell units from German energy service provider EWE. This order starts the final phase of the development and demonstration programme for integrated micro-CHP generators agreed with EWE in 2010. Delivery is scheduled for June to December 2013.

The integrated micro-CHP generators combine fuel cell technology and a small condensing boiler to meet all electricity and heat requirements for a single-family home or small office building.

Operating this new fleet will demonstrate the latest product improvements that CFCL and its development partner Gebrüder Bruns Heiztechnik GmbH (Bruns) have incorporated, including enhanced system control and thermal efficiency. As soon as final design changes are validated, CFCL and its partners will start the certification process and prepare for market introduction.

The units will be CFCL’s second product offering alongside the already well-established BlueGEN fuel cell systems, which offer an electricity-led solution. With this new micro-CHP product, CFCL will be able to target the sizeable and resilient residential demand for heating and heating-replacement units.

Commercial product launch is expected in 2014.

EWE’s order had been conditional upon EWE receiving partial funding from the German Government’s National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Programme (NIP). This funding was granted last week. EWE is already operating 72 units under the demonstration programme, and has accumulated more than 500,000 operating hours in homes of EWE customers.

From phase one to the start of the final phase, CFCL achieved a significant cost reduction, thus bringing the integrated micro-CHP system closer to commercial viability.

Source: CFCL news release

Photo: Fuel cell stack production at CFCL using automated manufacturing techniques (courtesy CFCL)


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