Victorian Government Extends Feed-in Tariff to Include Fuel Cells

03 Sep 2012

Victoria has become the first State in Australia to provide a feed-in tariff for which fuel cells are eligible. The Victorian Government has accepted the recommendations of the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission (VCEC), which began a review into feed-in tariffs in January this year. Ceramic Fuel Cells, the Australia-based company that develops fuel cell systems for homes and other buildings, was involved in the consultation process with VCEC.

Victoria’s solar power feed-in tariff will be broadened to include all low-emissions and renewable technologies of less than 100 kilowatts. From 1 January 2013, the new tariff will initially provide a minimum of eight Australian cents per kilowatt hour of electricity exported to the grid, which is based on the adjusted wholesale price of electricity. The rate will then be updated each year in line with the adjusted wholesale electricity rate.

BlueGen OpenIt will be available for electricity generators that produce 50% or less of the emissions intensity of electricity generation in Australia: Ceramic Fuel Cells’ highly efficient BlueGen gas-to-electricity fuel cell unit will thus be eligible for this feed-in tariff.

BlueGen customers are already eligible to receive feed-in tariffs in Germany and the United Kingdom. Both markets have recently announced increases to their feed-in tariffs. The tariff in Germany is equivalent to approximately 14 Australian cents per kilowatt hour (11.5 Euro cents), while the total tariff in the UK is up to approximately 26 Australian cents per kilowatt hour (17 pence).

BlueGen units are operating with customers in Melbourne, Shepparton, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, as well as in Europe, Japan and the USA. In Australia BlueGen units are available to commercial and Government customers through distributors Harvey Norman Commercial and Hills Solar.

For more information please see Ceramic Fuel Cells' announcement here.


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