Truck APU Fuel Cell Concept Unveiled by Eberspächer at IAA Commercial Vehicles Trade Show

20 Sep 2012

A solid oxide fuel cell generator for electrical use has been previewed by German industrial group Eberspächer at the 2012 IAA Commercial Vehicles Trade Show, currently underway at Germany’s Hannover Messe. The system has been designed to meet the demand for efficient generators for trucks created by a recent US ban on engine idling in commercial trucks, the previously popular but environmentally detrimental method of supplying electricity to the truck cab when stationary.

“The essential component is a reformer that produces gas from diesel, which is then converted to electricity in the fuel cell with a degree of efficiency five times greater than in a truck engine in idle mode”, says Dr. Klaus Beetz, COO Climate Control Systems at Eberspächer. In comparison, the emissions are reduced by 90 percent and the process of conversion into electricity is practically silent. “If a truck driver uses the system, he can save up to 9,000 dollars in consumption costs a year”, says Dr. Beetz.


Reference: Eberspächer


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