Request For Proposal For Deployment Of Fuel Cell-Based Auxiliary Power Units For Refrigerated Trucks

03 Sep 2012

PNNL logoThe Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for the analysis and demonstration of fuel cell-based auxiliary power units (APUs), for refrigerated trucks. The project aims to accelerate market deployment of fuel cell-based APUs. Commercial trucks using APUs for their refrigeration units could realize significant cost, fuel and emissions savings, and lowered engine wear.

The RFP aims to promote open and transparent competition among companies able to install, operate and allow independent monitoring of fuel cells on commercial vehicles. 

“Accelerated fuel cell use in this application also is expected to create jobs in the energy systems sector, increase production volumes, decrease manufacturing costs, and catalyze a stronger domestic supplier base,” said Jamie Holladay PNNL’s Sector Manager for Fuel Cell Technologies. 

Project Specifics

Teams of medium-duty refrigerated truck users and fuel cell and refrigeration unit manufacturers are encouraged to consider responding to the RFP. A total of $650,000 may be awarded with the possibility of more than one award issued within this funding limit.  Each award may facilitate deployment of between two and four fuel cell-based APUs. A vendor team may submit multiple proposals. The minimum cost share is 50%. Geographical diversity of deployments in the U.S. and its territories is preferred. A cost benefit and payback analysis will be required as part of the project.

The period of performance for the deployment and demonstration of the fuel cell-based auxiliary power units on commercial refrigerated, short-haul and medium-duty trucks is 12 to 24 months. Trucks will be expected to demonstrate a minimum of 400 operating hours of commercial cargo deliveries during this time. The systems should be capable of providing operating data to PNNL associated with the fuel cell, refrigeration unit, truck and ambient temperatures.

For more information:

The RFP and accompanying information can be found on the PNNL website here or under 'Solicitations' on this page:

Any prospective offeror desiring an explanation or interpretation of the RFP must request it in writing (e-mailed to: Ms. Kit Steichen McBurney at with the subject line “RFP for Demonstration of Fuel Cell-Based Auxiliary Power Units for Refrigerated Trucks.”

Source: Pacific Northwest National LaboratorY

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