New South African Venture Supplies Fuel Cells to Vodacom

28 Sep 2012

Clean Energy, a new South African fuel cell company in its market development stage, has reportedly supplied eighteen fuel cell backup power systems to mobile phone service provider Vodacom, which has an estimated market share in South Africa of over 55%.

Clean Energy was established by the South African Government in partnership with Anglo American Platinum and Altergy Systems, to initially market and eventually assemble and manufacture fuel cells in southern Africa.

The region has a rapidly growing mobile phone market and its thousands of base stations currently rely on diesel generators. Vodacom has stated that it wants to increase internet and mobile phone penetration into rural areas. Provision of reliable backup power using conventional technology can often be a challenge and fuel cells could prove beneficial here: although they have higher upfront costs, they are cheaper to operate, require less maintenance and are much more reliable.

Source: Fuel Cell Today


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