Carbon Trust Claims UK Technology Could Make Fuel Cell Vehicles Cost Competitive with Combustion Engine Cars

28 Sep 2012

Carbon Trust Report

In a recent report by the Carbon Trust, it claims UK-based research could provide the necessary breakthroughs to enable fuel cell electric vehicles to become cost competitive with conventional vehicles. This could double the number of FCEV on the road by 2030, versus current expectations. The report identifies three technologies, funded by the Carbon Trust, and analyses their cost-reduction potential:

ITM Power has developed a new membrane which could double the power density of conventional PEM fuel cells.

ACAL Energy’s liquid cathode technology replaces the platinum on that electrode, potentially reducing platinum use by 66%.

Imperial College and University College London have a novel stackable cell architecture using low-cost materials and manufacturing techniques.

To download the full report, click here.

Source: Carbon Trust.


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