BOC Hymera Approved for use by Network Rail

26 Sep 2012

BOC Hymera Approved for use by Network Rail

BOC has announced its Hymera range of portable fuel cell systems has been approved for use by Network Rail, the owner and operator of most of Great Britain’s rail infrastructure, across the UK rail network. The Hymera fuel cell compares favourably to petrol or diesel generators as it produces no particulate emissions and offers virtually silent operation; A key consideration when working at night or in residential areas.

The Hymera system can be used to power lighting, power tools, mixers and many other machines commonly used for railway infrastructure maintenance.

The specific products approved for use by Network Rail include:

  • the BOC Hymera hydrogen fuel cell generator and supporting 54-ZH lightweight cylinder, for applications such as LED lighting, security cameras, back-up power and communications
  • a twin LED lighting rig intended for use with the BOC Hymera. This gives an output similar to 2 x 400 W halogen lights but is more resilient and has a lower operating temperature
  • the BOC PowerPack, a high power battery inverter capable of driving power tools such as 9" angle grinders and bandsaws.

Stewart Dow, BOC’s Packaged Energy Manager, said: "The switch to a low-carbon, sustainable economy can only happen when the tools are available for industry to do its job. Hymera is a vivid example of a system designed to carry out specific tasks using today’s technologies while creating zero emissions. We are delighted that Network Rail has recognised the environmental – and fit-for-purpose – credentials of Hymera."

Source and image: BOC.

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