Aquafairy and Others Developing Credit-Card-Sized Fuel Cell Phone Charger (Updated with Video)

19 Sep 2012

Aquafairy womanA Japanese research team has developed a portable hydrogen-powered fuel cell that it claims is lightweight, inexpensive, safe and that should be commercially ready in spring 2013.

The team, which is led by Rohm Co. and also includes fuel cell start-up Aquafairy Corp. and Kyoto University, has devised a calcium-based system that can generate 4.5 litres of hydrogen from 3 grams of calcium compound when chemically reacted with water, a system similar to that in Aquafairy’s existing AF-M3000 portable electronics charger. The system processes the hydrogen in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell and can produce 5 Wh of electricity, enough to charge an average smartphone within two hours.

The greatest advantage over the existing Aquafairy system is size; the team plans to commercialise the technology into a credit-card-sized device that will weigh less than 100 grams.


Reference: Nikkei


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