Swedish Procurement of Fuel Cell Vehicles from Hyundai

23 Oct 2012

Sweden fuel cell vehicle procurement

Skåne Regional Council, the southernmost county of Sweden, has signed a public contract with Hyundai for two fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV). This is the first time a public procurement for FCEVs has been carried out in Sweden and the cars will also be the first of their kind in the country when they arrive in spring 2013.

The Regional Council of Skåne is engaged in a strategic effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The aim is to be 100% fossil-fuel-free by 2020. With the purchase of hydrogen-powered cars, they help to support the market for vehicles with zero local emissions of carbon dioxide and no other harmful particles from the exhaust pipe. Since the fuel cell vehicles have an electric motor, it also reduces the noise levels, a great advantage in cities. 

“The Region Skåne is one step ahead of the national goals saying that Sweden should have a fossil free vehicle fleet in 2030. Using hydrogen cars will further increase the pace in the region and at the same time we are active in developing the market for the car fleet of the future," says Deputy Governor Monika Ekström, Chair of the Committee on Properties and Services, Member of the Regional Executive Committee.

The City of Copenhagen has also recently concluded a procurement of FCEVs from Hyundai. They are buying six cars within the Next Move project and an additional nine cars through the European HyTEC project. 

To further strengthen the market for hydrogen and FCEVs in Scandinavia, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota and Nissan recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding together with Scandinavian organizations, on cooperation for a market introduction of FCEVs in 2014 to 2017.

Next Move / Hydrogen Sweden

Top: Håkan Samuelsson, environmental strategist and Monika Ekström, deputy governor, Region Skåne (Photo: Next Move / Hydrogen Sweden)


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