RWE Building Power-to-Gas Pilot Plant in Ibbenbüren

25 Oct 2012

German wind farm

Leading German power producer RWE has started the construction of a power-to-gas demonstration plant in the town of Ibbenbüren, Germany. The facility will convert excess electricity from wind or solar power to hydrogen using a 100 kW electrolyser developed by CERAM HYD.

The hydrogen will be fed into the regional gas grid, allowing the storage and later use of the excess renewable energy. The plant will begin operating in 2013.

RWE’s CTO Dr Joachim Schneider says that energy storage technologies are needed to facilitate the transition to renewable energy. Power-to-gas has great potential for long-term storage from fluctuating renewable sources as the energy storage potential of the gas grid is considerable. The most efficient way to convert the stored hydrogen back to usable energy is via combined heat and power (CHP), where the cogenerated heat can be used in RWE’s local district heating network.

Source: taken from German news sources, Berliner Morgenpost and IWR

Photo: Dirk Ingo Franke


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