Neah Power Systems Introduces Fuel Cell Recharging Solution for Consumer Electronics

19 Oct 2012

Neah Power Systems PowerPlay

Neah Power Systems, Inc. has announced that it has developed PowerPlay™, a consumer-oriented fuel cell recharging solution slated for full release in the Spring of 2013.

Using its larger PowerChip™ silicon-based technology, Neah Power has developed PowerPlay™, a lightweight, portable fuel cell recharger designed for cell phones, smart phones, tablets or just about any portable consumer device. It uses small interchangeable, refillable cartridges to provide the fuel. Each cartridge is expected to supply enough power to charge a typical smart phone up to four times.

Neah Power Systems CEO, Dr. Chris D’Couto said “We are excited to be able to deploy the key elements of the PowerChip™ technology for this new architecture, leverage our existing infrastructure, and combine other proprietary developments for these compact, portable applications in the consumer market. We anticipate much interest in this product as we further define the go-to-market strategy to include both a direct-to-consumer approach as well as integrated distributive solution.”

Source: taken from Neah Power News Release


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