FuelCell Energy Carbon Capture Project in Phase II

17 Oct 2012


Connecticut-based FuelCell Energy Inc. has announced has announced the continuation of its DoE-funded project to evaluate the potential for its fuel cell technology to be used to capture carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants.

The project began at the end of 2011 and is scheduled to run for three and a half years. The US DoE has awarded $0.8 million for the continuation of the project, out of a total award of $3 million. The project will investigate the feasibility of directing the carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaust from a coal-fired power plant into the air intake of the fuel cell. With FuelCell Energy’s molten carbonate fuel cell technology, this could provide a concentrated CO2 stream at the outlet of the fuel cell which can be used for a number of commercial applications in both the oil and chemicals industries. Another potential benefit would be the destruction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, which are currently subject to regulatory controls.

"The potential for efficient and cost effective carbon capture from our Direct FuelCell power plants illustrates the versatility of our technology," said Chip Bottone, President and Chief Executive Officer, FuelCell Energy, Inc. "This award enables us to further advance and refine our research as we pursue this opportunity that has the potential to favourably impact public health while providing FuelCell Energy with the possibility of a new and potentially large market opportunity."

Rewritten from FuelCell Energy press release.

Image source: FuelCell Energy

Industry Directory: FuelCell Energy


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