Boiler Giant Viessmann to Acquire 50% of Residential Fuel Cell Developer Hexis AG

16 Oct 2012

Hexis Galileo

The German multinational boiler manufacturer and heating industry giant Viessmann is to acquire 50% of Swiss residential fuel cell manufacturer Hexis AG. Hexis’ solid oxide fuel cell technology offers high electrical efficiencies and has been designed in a manner that will allow for low production costs with increased manufacture.

The company’s Galileo micro-CHP system (above) can meet the entire heating and hot water needs of a European home, as well as the basic demand for electricity. It has been tested extensively in the German Callux project, and will be tested further in the upcoming European ene.field trial. Viessmann, who is a well-known customer-facing brand, will now help to bring the system to market.

Residential fuel cells can replace or supplement conventional boilers and are a natural field of interest for Viessmann. Its interest in the technology is not limited to SOFC; it has also recently entered a partnership with Panasonic to investigate low-temperature PEMFC solutions.


References: TGA Fachplaner; Waldeckische Landeszeitung Frankenberger Zeitung (in German)

Industry Directory: Hexis AG


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