Air Products to Build Two New Hydrogen Stations in London

04 Oct 2012

Kit Malthouse Refuelling RV1 at Stratford Air Products

Air Products has announced that it plans to construct two new hydrogen stations in London in the near future. The company already operates a public refuelling station at Heathrow Airport, which opened to support the fleet of fuel cell electric black cabs operated during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and a non-public station in Stratford that currently supports the fleet of fuel cell buses servicing the RV1 bus route. In addition it also operates a hydrogen refuelling station at its Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedford, just under 50 miles north of London.

The new stations will be located in East and Central London and are being installed as part of the CHIC (Clean Hydrogen in European Cities) EU project. CHIC is an initiative to bring fuel cell buses to European cities and London’s existing fuel cell buses were installed under it. One would presume the new stations will support an expanded fuel cell bus effort in the capital.


Image: Deputy Mayor of London and London Hydrogen Partnership Chair Kit Malthouse refuels an RV1 fuel cell bus at Air Products' Stratford hydrogen station.

Reference: Air Products (emailed press release)

Industry Directory: Air Products


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