WATT Fuel Cell? New SOFC Manufacturer Plans 2013 Launch of 500 W Propane Fuel Cell

14 Nov 2012

Emerging solid oxide fuel cell manufacturer WATT Fuel Cell Corp has announced that it has completed system testing of a 500 watt propane-fuelled system and that preparations are underway for an initial product launch in 2013. The company has spent the last two years developing power systems for a number of markets and sectors and has been ramping up for commercial-scale production of its propane-fuelled systems since its Port Washington, New York production facility came into operation at the end of 2011.

“The market value of fuel-based distributed generation technologies is estimated to reach $74.3 billion by 2015*,” said Dr. Caine Finnerty, president of WATT Fuel Cell. “Poised to address this demand, we have taken a holistic approach in our development of a reliable, cost-effective technology platform that can run on readily available fuels.”

The use of readily accessible fuels has been a primary consideration for the company. “Being able to use accessible fuel is key to the success of the fuel cell industry, and we’ve focused on our technology’s ability to use readily available gaseous and liquid fuels for commercial and military applications,” Finnerty said. “This includes propane and natural gas for the commercial market, and liquid fuels such as Diesel (D2) and JP-8 for the military.”


Reference: WATT Fuel Cell via BusinessWire


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