UK Consortium to Examine Feasibility of Synthesising Methane from Electrolytic Hydrogen and Industrial Carbon Dioxide

19 Nov 2012

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has awarded £100,000 for a twelve month engineering feasibility study on synthetic methane as a part of the £20 million Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Innovation Competition.

The investigation will examine the technological, financial and operational feasibility of producing synthetic methane using carbon dioxide from industrial processes and hydrogen produced from water electrolysis. The methane would be injected into the gas grid or used in other natural gas substitution applications.

The consortium is led by electrolyser manufacturer ITM Power and also includes Scottish utility SSE, Scotia Gas Networks, energy consultancy Logan Energy Ltd and Kiwa Gastec at CRE (Gastec).


Reference: ITM Power

Industry Directory: ITM Power


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