SFC Energy Delivers Fuel Cell Power for Soldiers under Major German Bundeswehr Order

26 Nov 2012

SFC Energy Bundeswehr order deliverySFC Energy AG has completed delivery of the major order placed at the end of March 2012 by the German Bundeswehr.

After introducing the fuel cell system in 2010, in March 2012 the German Bundeswehr ordered additional equipment for soldiers. The system consists of the portable JENNY fuel cell, the SFC Power Manager, a hybrid battery specially tailored to the system, and a solar panel as alternative power source, plus extensive accessories. As a powerful and flexible power solution, it allows operation of widely different devices – e.g. radios, navigational equipment, night-vision equipment, laser range-finders, portable computers, and PDAs – which can be used while stationary or on the march.

The net order volume amounts to just under €5 million and will be accounted in 2012 sales.

In a 72-hour-mission the SFC power solution reduces the load of a soldier by up to 80% compared to conventional solutions. Power supply and energy management are fully automatic, practically silent, emission-free, and almost undetectable.

“With the delivery of this third serial order of the German Bundeswehr, SFC Energy strengthens its position as a system supplier of autonomous power solutions for defense applications“, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy AG. “Major weight reductions combined with reliable energy supply result in significantly improved mission conditions and increase the soldiers’ safety in operation.”

Additional information at www.sfc.com and www.sfc-defense.com

Source: SFC Energy News Release


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