Seven UTC Power Fuel Cell Systems for the Greater Seoul Area

27 Nov 2012

UTC Power Anyang Korea

UTC Power today announced that Samsung Everland has purchased seven PureCell® Model 400 fuel cell systems to be installed at the Korean South East Power Co. Ltd (KOSEP), a public utility company in the greater Seoul area.

The fuel cells, which will be located at KOSEP's Bundang facility in the Gyeonggi province, will provide 3.08 MW of clean electricity to the local grid and thermal energy to the district heating business. The project is expected to be operational in spring 2013.

The PureCell system is already in use by utilities in South Korea. Generating power and heat, the PureCell system is driving return on investment, lowering energy costs, increasing energy security and reducing emissions for customers.  The seven PureCell systems to be installed by KOSEP will help to meet the growing demand for electricity in the Seoul metropolitan area, while also helping to meet South Korea's clean energy goals as part of the country's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). 

In addition to providing power to help meet RPS, the PureCell systems will be supported locally by UTC Power's Korean subsidiary, UTC Power International Services - Korea, a Seoul-based fuel cell services company with dedicated PureCell system technicians.

Source: taken from UTC Power press release

Image: A previous UTC Power utility installation of 12 PureCells for Samsung/GS Power, in Anyang South Korea (photo: UTC Power)


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