Nokia Siemens Networks and Ballard Jointly Developing Mobile Networks with Integrated Fuel Cell Backup

19 Nov 2012

Nokia Siemens BallardNokia Siemens Networks, the Finnish network equipment joint venture of Nokia and Siemens, has announced that it is working with Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Power Systems to develop mobile networks with integrated fuel cell backup power systems. Although the installation of fuel cell backup power solutions at telecoms base stations is nothing new, this joint development would allow Nokia Siemens Networks the option of including the systems as part of the delivery of new base stations.

“Mobile networks can be vital when a natural disaster strikes, and power outages make other forms of communication difficult,” said Mark Donaldson, head of energy solutions for mobile broadband networks at Nokia Siemens Networks. “Integrating fuel cells with our base stations can significantly increase the resilience of the mobile networks we provide.”

The integrated system has been tested in Japan, where the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has given it statutory approval. The system was installed at an NTT Docomo test site where it passed all of the Japanese network operator’s evaluation tests.

Nokia Siemens Networks is the fourth largest telecoms equipment manufacturer in the world, and its strong interest in fuel cell backup power is a positive sign for the industry. Ballard has recently strengthened its position on backup power solutions with the acquisition of IdaTech’s products and key business assets. An IdaTech system was used in the NTT Docomo test.


Reference: Nokia Siemens Networks

Industry Directory: Ballard Power Systems


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