NEL Hydrogen Launches New Electrolyser for Energy Applications

26 Nov 2012

NEL Hydrogen P.60 electrolyser

NEL Hydrogen has released the new generation of its pressurised alkaline technology to the market with the launch of the electrolyser NEL P•60. The Norwegian company has many decades of experience in atmospheric pressure electrolysers, more than a decade in pressurised electrolyser technology, and has spent four years field testing the new model.

The main performance features differentiating the NEL P•60 electrolyser are the very level of operational flexibility that allows production down to 10% of installed capacity, with automatic stand-by mode, and instant resumption of hydrogen production even after long stand-by periods.  

With this operating range and fast response to changes in power input, it is a perfect match for power-to-gas (conversion of excess renewable electricity to hydrogen for storage), hydrogen refuelling stations and industrial applications with variable hydrogen demand. NEL Hydrogen is aiming to take a leading position in emerging energy applications for electrolysers.

The main features of the NEL P•60 are:

• Turn-key hydrogen plant delivered as containerised solution or skid mounted;

• 15 bar g outlet pressure directly from the electrolyser;

• 60 Nm3/hr high-purity hydrogen production from one cell stack;

• 10–100% operational range;

• Less than 1 second response time to dynamic load changes;

• Automatic continuous stand-by operation possibilities.

Source: Taken from NEL Hydrogen news release


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