HYPER Project Launched to Develop Flexible and Fully Integrated Fuel Cell and Storage Systems for Portable Power Applications

30 Nov 2012

Orion Innovations has announced the start of the €3.9 million HYPER project, ‘Integrated Power Packs for Portable and other Autonomous Applications’. The project is part funded (€2.2 million) by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking and will run for three years.

HYPER aims to develop and demonstrate a market ready, portable power pack comprising an integrated modular fuel cell and hydrogen storage system. The design will be modular, cost effective and readily customised for application across multiple low power markets.

The project will combine the development of scalable PEM fuel cell modules, with an innovative portable pack that will allow the interchange of alternative hydrogen supply components. The system will subsequently be field tested in specific end user applications.

The Consortium Partners are: Orion Innovations Ltd, Paxitech SAS, University of Glasgow, EADS Innovation Works, Institute of Power Engineering, McPhy Energy SA and the Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport.

For more information, please contact Juliet Kauffmann, Project Coordinator at juliet.kauffmann@orioninnovations.co.uk ; +44 20 3176 2721.

Source: Orion Innovations Ltd.


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