FutureE and Acta Sign Supply Agreement for Jupiter Electrolysers

21 Nov 2012

FutureE and Acta

Acta S.p.A. has announced it has signed a five-year non-exclusive supply agreement with FutureE Fuel Cell Solutions GmbH (“FutureE”) for Jupiter electrolysers based on Acta's low-cost EL500 series electrolysers. The hydrogen generators from Acta are to be integrated into FutureE’s fuel cell and electrolyser system, Jupiter Independence, for back-up and off-grid power. The Jupiter Independence system combines a fuel cell, electrolyser, energy management, hydrogen storage and a water tank in a single housing.

Under the terms of the agreement FutureE has appointed Acta as its preferred supplier for electrolysers in its products and solutions. The total value of the agreement once concluded is expected to be around €3,000,000 ($3,836,200).

Acta has modified its EL500 to meet the specific requirements of FutureE's Jupiter Independence system. Integrating Acta’s hydrogen generating technology into FutureE’s system dramatically reduces costs therefore making commercial adoption viable for telecoms applications worldwide.

To allow combination with off-grid renewable energy sources, the Jupiter Independence system currently employs a platinum-based electrolyser. FutureE came to Acta looking for an electrolyser with substantially reduced cost and increased performance to achieve a significant improvement in cost-effectiveness.

Paolo Bert, Chief Executive of Acta commented: "Acta is delighted with the interest from FutureE in our electrolyser products. It further demonstrates the increasing demand in the market for low cost electrolyser technology which produces clean and dry hydrogen and more importantly, illustrates that Acta has become a key player in this market."

Mark-Uwe Osswald, Founder and Managing Director of FutureE commented: "Market interest in high efficient fuel cell back-up and off-grid systems with low operation and maintenance cost is significantly growing, particularly from the telecoms sector as demand for Jupiter Independence systems reflects. Being able to incorporate Acta’s low cost, safe and efficient electrolyser into FutureE’s system will speed up the market introduction of our combined fuel cell and electrolyser system. We look forward to working with Acta on commercializing Jupiter Independence."

Source: FutureE

Industry Directory: Acta S.p.A


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