Enertrag Delivers Three 2 MW Alkaline Electrolysers

23 Nov 2012

Enertrag Electrolysers

Enertrag has announced it has delivered three 2 MW atmospheric pressure alkaline electrolysers to unnamed customers. Through its subsidiary, Enertrag HyTec GmbH, it has already deployed a 600 kW atmospheric pressure electrolyser in Prenzlau and this smaller system has provided a valuable proof-of-concept for the technology, able to produce up to 120 standard cubic meters of hydrogen per hour. The know-how from this smaller system enabled Enertrag HyTec to scale-up its designs to meet the needs of customers (initially targeting 6 MW and 1,000 standard cubic meters of hydrogen per hour). Within a year, it had developed its current 2 MW offering, which is currently in pre-production. These latest product deliveries demonstrate the potential for a ten-fold increase in scale.

Enertrag HyTec GmbH is also developing a high pressure variant (up to 60 bar) which can inject hydrogen directly into the medium pressure network. It has delivered a prototype system to the hydrogen research center of the Brandenburg Technical University and is aiming to avoid the need for energy-intensive intermediate compression steps.

Source: Enertrag


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