Altergy's Freedom Power Systems Provide Reliable Telecom Power After Hurricane Sandy

16 Nov 2012

Further Successful Deployments for Altergy's Freedom Power

Altergy has announced that the only wireless telecommunications tower sites that remained in operation during the power outages that followed hurricane Sandy were those powered by its Freedom Power fuel cell systems.

Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to an estimated 8.1 million people and several major telecom carriers claimed it may take weeks to restore service to some markets. Altergy’s customers reported that numerous other cell tower sites became inoperable due to loss of power, rapid depletion of battery backup power and failure of diesel generators to start. Wireless customers powered by Freedom Power Systems were still able to make calls and contact emergency services during the power cuts.

Eric Mettler, Altergy's President and CEO said "We are proud to be the only power source still running after such a devastating storm. It is gratifying to provide the ability to provide continuous communications capability. The power demands of the telecom infrastructure have far surpassed the reliability of the power grid, batteries, and diesel generators. Our fuel cells are the new and superior solution, providing benefits over wind, solar, batteries, and generators, at lower cost. They are a major competitive advantage for telecom carriers, earning them extreme customer satisfaction and loyalty."

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