Tanaka Posts Record Shipment Volumes of Fuel Cell Catalysts in FY2011

29 May 2012

Tanaka Shipment Volumes

Tanaka Precious Metals, headquartered in Tokyo and one of the world’s leading suppliers of fuel cell catalysts, has posted record shipment volumes of fuel cell catalysts in financial year 2011 (April 2011 – March 2012). These catalysts are platinum group metal based and are used in proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) in particular.

Using FY2004 as the base year and setting shipment volume in that year to an index value of 100, shipment volume in FY2011 reached the highest level on record at 244. This surpasses the previous record of 198 in FY2010, an increase of 23.2%.

This increase is largely due to record shipment of catalyst for Ene-Farm systems (fuel cells for residential heat and power in Japan). Compared to shipments for the Ene-Farm programme in FY2004 (index = 100), shipments in FY2011 were over five times higher at 540. This is also a 67.2% increase over FY2010 (323) and reflects the acceleration in Ene-Farm sales that occurred in 2011 as a result of concerns over grid power shortages, plus the release of a more compact and affordable Ene-Farm model.

The shipment volume of catalysts used in fuel cell vehicles was 144 in FY2011 (FY2004 = 100). This level has remained fairly stable over the last four years as automobile manufacturers continue to work on enhancing the technology prior to commercial release of fuel cell vehicles starting from 2015.

Reference: Tanaka Precious Metals


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