NexTech Materials Awarded Office of Naval Research Contract to Develop UUV Fuel Cell System

31 May 2012

21 inch UUV

NexTech Materials has received a Future Naval Capability project contract from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to design, develop and demonstrate a compact energy system for unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV). NexTech will complete a comprehensive design of an energy-dense solid oxide fuel cell system for a 21” diameter UUV, the system will be fuelled with JP-10 liquid hydrocarbon fuel and liquid oxygen reactants. The project provides follow-on funding for SOFC development undertaken in a previous ONR project, which had resulted in a computerised model and a 1 kW early test system.

The use of solid oxide fuel cells with liquid hydrocarbon fuels offers high electrical efficiencies, reducing the volume and weight of fuel and oxygen that need to be stored onboard the UUV. Dr Scott Swartz, CTO of NexTech commented:

“NexTech is pleased to have our UUV energy system technology selected for further development by the Office of Naval Research. We are excited to be participating in the development of technology that meets a critical need for the U.S. Navy and extremely gratified that ONR has placed their confidence in us to deliver on this project.”

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