Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Arrives in Austin, Texas

02 May 2012

Proterra fuel cell bus

The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) and project team have announced delivery of a Proterra fuel cell bus to Austin, Texas. The bus was previously operated in Columbia, South Carolina, in 2010 and will now join Capital Metro’s fleet and be operated in daily transit service.

The Proterra fuel cell bus was purpose built from the ground up as a zero emission bus, unlike most fuel cell buses which are retrofitted using a standard diesel bus chassis.  The Proterra bus is on the forefront of advanced transportation technology, with plug-in rechargeable batteries, a hydrogen fuel cell system and an efficient all-electric drivetrain; water vapour is the only emission.

Capital Metro President/CEO Linda S. Watson says they will be testing the bus on Austin’s streets over the next year.

The Austin operation represents Phase II of this project supported through the National Fuel Cell Bus Program (NFCBP), which is managed by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to assist in the commercialisation of fuel cell bus technologies. CTE is a non-profit organisation  that develops technologies and implements solutions to achieve energy and environmental sustainability.

Proterra is an American bus manufacturer specialising in zero emission buses. Hydrogenics Corporation developed the fuel cell modules for the bus and Altairnano provided the advanced lithium batteries.  Signature Transportation Parts and Service will assist with bus maintenance and operator training. 

Gas Technology Institute is responsible for upgrading the fuelling station in Austin, and the University of Texas, Center for Electromechanics is responsible for data collection and analysis. When the Austin demonstration is complete, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will analyse all the final performance data and prepare an overall performance evaluation.

Source: CTE


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