FuelCell Energy’s Korean Growth Continues: 60 MW for Power Park in Hwaseong, 8.4 MW for Samcheok

30 May 2012

FuelCell Energy Hwaseong

In a continuing series of increasingly impressive orders for South Korea, FuelCell Energy has announced that it is to supply 60 MW of its Direct FuelCell (DFC) molten carbonate systems for a fuel cell park in Hwaseong and 8.4 MW for a fuel cell park in Samcheok.

The Hwaseong installation is under development by FuelCell Energy’s long-term Korean partner POSCO Energy as well as Korea Hydro Nuclear Power Co. and Samchully Gas Co. The installation was originally announced via an MoU in April last year between the three companies and the government of Gyeonggi Province and Hwaseong City. The park will consist of a series of DFC3000 systems; permitting and approvals are expected to be completed by early summer 2012 with power production set to begin in early 2013.

The Samcheok installation will be an 8.4 MW POSCO Energy fuel cell park at an LNG facility, which will provide a boil-off gas fuel feed for the DFC3000 systems – boil-off gas is the gas vaporised from LNG processing, it offers a lower fuel cost than LNG itself. Power generated from the fuel cell plant will be sold to utility Korea Southern Power (KOSPO) and will be eligible for renewable energy certificates under the RPS.

The RPS, or Renewable Portfolio Standard, is the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea’s strict renewable implementation plan – it mandates 350 MW of additional renewable power capacity per year through 2016, and 700 MW per year through 2022. The RPS also decrees that electricity producers with an annual capacity greater than 500 MW must generate 4% of their electricity using new and renewable (NRE) sources; this rises to 7% by 2019 and 10% by 2022. NRE types are ranked to calculate the purchase price per kilowatt-hour; fuel cells have the highest ranking of any NRE technology and this has been a major driver for the rapid growth in fuel cell imports, predominantly from FuelCell Energy.

Earlier this month Fuel Cell Today reported that the Seoul Government plans to build 29 hydrogen fuel cell power plants totalling 230 MW by 2014. FuelCell Energy expects this to create further demand for its Direct FuelCell systems and will likely tender for the project.

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