Proton Power’s Fuel Cell Power Range Extender Successfully Integrated into Smith Electric Truck

26 Mar 2012

Smith Newton TruckProton Power Systems plc has announced the successful integration of its fuel cell power and range extender system (REX) into a Smith Electric Vehicles truck. This is the first full integration of the hydrogen-powered system into the commercial Newton model (left). It marks the completion of a project to commercialise the REX that began in 2010 and is a significant milestone for Proton. 

In the initial phase of the project the system was integrated into Smith’s Edison commercial van to demonstrate that the inclusion of a fuel cell significantly increases the operational range of a light duty vehicles. The system will now be used in the Newton truck to enhance power and protect the batteries; it provides additional power during cold-temperature start and supports ancillary load, without sacrificing payload or space. The benefits delivered by the system depend on size, onboard storage capacity for hydrogen and the vehicle’s drive cycle. Trial results have been positive and in line with expectations.

Smith will road test the system in cooperation with Proton prior to commercial launch; the first twenty REX-equipped Newtons will be sold in Germany in 2012/3. Proton will unveil the fuel cell power and range extender system at the Hannover Fair 2012 in April.

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