Mercedes F-CELL: Invisible to the Environment, and now the Public

06 Mar 2012

Mercedes-Benz has posted an innovative marketing campaign to promote its zero emission F-CELL hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain technology. The company covered the entire left side of a B-Class F-CELL in LED mats to create a display across the car; on the right side a Canon DSLR was mounted feeding video to the LEDs, giving the effect of invisibility when looking at the car from the left. The car is invisible to the environment, and now invisible to passers-by. The company took the car on a one week tour of Germany, educating the public on the benefits of fuel cell drivetrains. Creating exciting and engaging promotional projects such as this, that expose the public to fuel cell vehicles, is important in creating consumer interest and momentum before commercialisation of the technology from 2014.


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